Satanic Raw Power

by Lucifer's Sanctuary

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Satanic Raw Power was recorded in the slums of hell under the heaviest influence of drugs and satan. This album/demo defines us, satanic worshiping junkies


released June 6, 2012

Hell Seducer - vokills; music
R.A.V.A.G.E - vokills; music
WarLust666 - vokills; music



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Lucifer's Sanctuary Los Angeles, California

At the end of the day when there isnt no more cocaine, sluts, or whiskey......LUCIFER'S SANCTUARY began!

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Track Name: Heaven's Burning
Demons come forth, evil knights under command
Decapitating angels, bury their heads in sand
Hells arising
Angels dying
Heavens burning
Tearing down the pearly gates, murdering all heavenly saints
burn it down, down to the ground, our time is now!
Track Name: Death to Yous All
Death to Yous All! Death Yous All! We'll Kill Yous All
Death to all priest, death to all nuns
Death to religion. kill them fucking scum
Death to government, death to politics
Death to all president who are full of all shit!
Burn them down! burn them Down! down to the ground!
No time for apologies, no time to forgive
You've committed the crime so now you must die!
Track Name: Satanic Raw Power
Burning churches, witches bitches
Kill religion, kill a priest
burn em down!
Only one god, LUCIFER!
The alpha male, satanic raw power!
Track Name: Choke
choke on my cock!

Bitch you know you want it
you crave it so fucking bad
Feel it down and deep in you
Deep throat unti you gag
Suck and choke on my dick
Lick the cum off my balls
Bring on the next whore
My big cock is enough for you all
Track Name: White Fever
No sleep; black nights
Always up, always high
up the nose or through my veins
White fever to melt my brain
sex sex sex, gimme more
white fever and cheap whores
coke, vodka, pills, and beers
Going straight to hell with no fear
white lines, white fever!